Pet Friendly Policy

well-behaved dog

Bring Your Best Friend to Ragged Point

At Ragged Point Inn, we love well-behaved pets and encourage you to bring up to two dogs along with you when you stay! Our garden rooms and cliff house rooms are now available for your furry friends. Service animals are always welcome at Ragged Point.

To ensure that all guests have an enjoyable stay, we ask you to agree to the following:

  • My dog is not aggressive and is well-socialized with other animals and people.
  • My dog's vaccinations are up-to-date.
  • My dog is free of ticks and fleas.
  • My dog will be on a leash or in a carrier and under my control any time we are not in the room.
  • I will keep my pets off of all furniture, including the bed, chairs and couches.
  • If I must leave my dog unattended in my hotel room, I will keep it in a crate or carrier and I will return in one hour or less. If noise complaints from other guests are received at any time during my stay I may be charged an additional $75.
  • I will clean up after my dog and dispose of any waste in a dumpster located outside of my room.
  • Should any pet "accidents" occur in my room, I will notify personnel immediately and request special cleaning efforts.
  • If my dog is excessively dirty, I will not allow it in my hotel room. I will not bathe my dog in the sink or bath tub.

Also, please keep in mind that:

  • Our pet fee is $50/stay for the first dog and $25/stay for the second dog. This fee is not refundable. Cats, birds, and other animals are not permitted.
  • Your dog is welcome almost anywhere one the property (including outdoor dining areas and pathways). Exceptions to this are the restaurant, the lobby, and the mini mart. When you are outside of your room, please make sure dogs are restrained and under your control for their safety. Remember, there are wild animals in the area (including deer, fox, raccoons, skunks, and an occasional mountain lion) and there is a highway with fast-moving cars on the edge of the property.
  • Ragged Point Inn staff will not clean your room if an unattended dog is in it. You can arrange to pick up clean linens or schedule a time for cleaning.
  • You are responsible if your dog should injure hotel employees or other guests.
  • We hope you and your dog enjoy your stay, but we are not responsible for any injury or harm that comes to your pet while visiting our property.
  • If excessive noise, property damage, or other problems occur, you may be required to leave the property immediately; with no refund. If items are damaged or the room requires extensive cleaning, we will charge the credit card on file.