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Central Coast Ocean-View Weddings & Events

Ragged Point's magical natural beauty creates a special feeling in all who visit, making it the perfect setting for any celebration, large or small.

For information about hosting any event at Ragged Point, please phone (805) 234-4584 or send email to events@raggedpointinn.com

For Family Reunions or Getaways with Friends

Five luxury guestrooms connected to spacious common dining, cooking, and living areas our Cliff House makes a comfortable and private home for your large, extended family. And the Cliff House can be rented by the week for longer events, without the restrictions and limitations that you'll find further south.

Our attentive staff will make sure that you have everything you need to make your event a success.

Large Parties at Ragged Point

Our Solarium's magnificent ocean views alone will make your celebration, birthday or anniversary, or holiday party an event to remember. This large, open hall is 2700 square feet in size, and is designed to seat up to 130 people for meals, parties, or meetings. For larger events, tents can be set up on the lawn area or other sites on the Point.

Our professional chefs will prepare delicious foods to your specifications, and our dedicated staff will make sure that your event takes place without a hitch.

Smaller Events at Ragged Point

To make special dining requests for a smaller party, call our restaurant at (805) 927-5708.

You can hold your event in our restaurant or in our outdoor plaza, depending on your wishes, the size of the event, and our staff and facility availability. For inspiration, call (805) 234-4584 or send email to events@raggedpointinn.com