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Brother John

John Mehan, Ragged Point’s "Brother John," is a self-taught artist who has worked in the fine art of metallurgy since 1960. Brother John’s beautiful and unique multi-metal sculptures and fine jewelry capture the spirituality, magnificence, and joy of the Big Sur Coast in a way that few others can even imagine.

Brother John’s knowledge of gold, silver, bronze and copper, and his relationship with the Pacific, express themselves as forged, hand-shaped, and meticulously crafted ships, lighthouses, and other items that reflect the sun, wind, fog, and power of the sea. His beautiful hand-crafted earrings and other jewelry, shine and dance with motion.

Visit Brother John’s Studio or admire his work at Lumiere on you next visit to the Point. Enhance your life with his inspired artwork and jewelry, as thousands of others have across the globe.